Once you’ve chosen your item from 2.5.a Unit 2 Images, Quotes, and Terms, write one to two paragraphs on the significance of your item.  You may want to:

Explain how your item is a cause or a consequence of some event.

Explain how your item exemplified some trend or movement or ideology.

Explain how your item ties into one of our class themes.

Explain any other way this item is significant.

Here’s a reminder of our class themes:

  • The uniqueness of various cultures and the impact of cross-cultural exchange.
  • The role of religion in shaping world history since 1500.
  • The role of government in shaping world history since 1500.
  • Requirements:

1-2 paragraphs

Use of complete sentences and paragraphs.   Do not use bullet points (like I’ve just done a here).

  • A clearly identified item.
  • A thorough explanation of the significance of your item
  • An explanation which puts your item in historical context.

An explanation which is factually correct.