The Historical Introduction: Criminal Justice and the Age of Enlightenment has six sections, as follows:  

1.  Changing Concepts of Crime and Justice

2.  The Emergence of Law Codes and Commentaries

3. Trials and Punishments

4.  The Ages of Renaissance, Discovery, and Enlightenment 

5.  New Ideas about Government

6.  After the Enlightenment: Progress, Retreat, and Tolerance

For this assignment you must write the one main idea in each section of the reading. Section titles are useful clues for determining what the main idea in each section is. If there are several ideas in a section, choose the one which is the most important. Limit this assignment to ideas which explain why something happened or why something is so. For this assignment do not look for ideas which are comparisons or ideas which are mental inventions. Stick to ideas which explain something.