Part#1:   Please read the following:

Part#2:   Please review Shake Shacks Investor relations pages 

Part#3:   List and discuss  five (5) reasons why shake shack was able to scale (125-175 words)

Part#4:  Research and list the following

IPO offering date

IPO stock price (closing price)

Current stock price

Number of Stores in US

Total Number of Stores

Do they franchise?

Assignment: What is your Business?

You have the option to select a real prelaunch or launch stage startup (business idea you are REALLY working on or have already launched)   OR  a fictitious prelaunch startup 

You will use this “business” as the basis for all your deliverables…..this will be the foundation for the remaining projects in the course

Please describe in 100-150 words including the following:


What is your revenue source(s)-  product and/or service

What is your value proposition