1.Based on what you have read and viewed, respond to the following: 

Choose one learning theory and comment on how you have used it to design a lesson/teaching episode or comment on how you would use it to design a lesson/teaching episode in your current context. Cite references as appropriate. 

What have you learned from the assigned chapters regarding the impact of context, human development, and cognitive processes on learning? How might you apply one or more of these frames to your own teaching/learning

3. Explain your understanding of what, as educators, we might define as ’emerging technologies’. How are our perspectives on the nature of learning changing as a result? 

4. What resonated with you about how emerging technologies are being “applied” to different learning situations. Comment on whether and how you might apply similar tools/techniques to your own professional setting.

5. What are the benefits and limitations of incorporating social media, gamification and/or game-based learning into educational environments? 

6.Take some time over the next couple of weeks to experiment with some online games for learning. Here are a few suggested free games: no need to pay for anything, unless you already have access through your school or work.  Post some initial thoughts here, along with additional suggestions for your colleagues. 

For PK-8 and family/home

For HS/college/adults *some violence, disturbing visuals

7. In this week’s discussion post, consider the rapidly expanding use of social media and virtual communities as reported by the Pew report. Reflect on Wenger’s concept of building communities of practice in education and various work environments, and Karen Kear’s chapters on theories and practices related to online networked communities. 

  • What do you feel are the most relevant features of online communities, per the definitions offered? 
  • Locate one additional article that discusses the structure and effects of a “community of practice” or “online community” in education, business, government, medicine, or another setting: offer a synopsis of what you learn from the article/study. 

8. Describe how you might integrate SEL principles and practices in your own teaching or professional setting. Refer back to the readings for this week, and at least one additional source that you locate, describe, and cite. 

9. Based on the viewings/readings for this week, describe three practices you would change in your own teaching in order to better support student learning in either a K-12, higher education or a professional setting. Explain why and how you would make these changes: use the assigned sources to support your post.