Instructions: Please write short essays to answer the following three questions. response to  each question should be 290  words each . Scenario  I am a  College student  with autism of color. I have an Associates in Construction, and  I have worked at construction sites. I plan to get  a Bachelors in Safety Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety and /Construction Safety.  My goal is to own a Construction and Safety Business.In my  spare time I like  to  work out, and volunteer and mentor at  community  centers  I also enjoyed teaching CPR, osh 10, and 30.

1. Tell us how autism has affected you and, specifically, how being an autistic person of color has impacted your life / shaped who you are. 

2. What do you plan to do/study in college/postsecondary education and how will those plans help you accomplish your future goals? 

3. Tell us about yourself – what are your hobbies, interests, etc.? Or, is there anything you would like the scholarship review committee to know about you?