1. What is the Navigation Pane and how is it useful? How do you use the Navigation Pane to find particular words in a document? What are the specific steps involved in replacing text through the use of the Navigation Pane?

2. What are footnotes? What are citations? What is a bibliography? Under what tab in Word do you create each of those items?

1. What is a table, and why would you use one in Word? What are fields in a table? What are rows? How do you create a table?

2. What is a SmartArt graphic? What can you create using SmartArt? What steps do you take to create a SmartArt graphic?

1. What is WordArt? How do you create a WordArt? How do you modify WordArt?

2. What is a picture? What are two ways to put a picture into a Word document? Be sure to give specific details!
1. What is a template? What are some examples of templates in Word? How do you create a new file from a template?

2. What is a thesaurus? What is a synonym? How do you use the thesaurus in Word to replace a word in your document?

1. What is a mail merge? What three files do you need to perform a mail merge? What are the steps involved in performing a mail merge? Be specific!

2. What types of documents you use mail merge to create? List at least three.