Step 1: Click to view a graphical comparison Links to an external site.of social class.

Step 2: Submit your work as a Microsoft Word document.

From each part of the visual, choose the best suitable category that showcases trends in social class today. Provide a rationale for your choice.

Your response should be a one-page (300-350 words) report that makes informed references to this module’s materials.

This assignment will be graded using the SOC101 – Module 4 Explore & Analyze Assignment Rubric.

Facts, quotes, ideas, etc. that are borrowed from a resource or resources other than personal experiences must be cited in proper APA format in your response. You can access Citation and Writing Assistance: Writing Papers at Carrington (Links to an external site.) for information about sources and APA format and read about Avoid Plagiarism (Links to an external site.) in the Carrington College Library. It is often helpful to submit your work to (Links to an external site.) for assistance with writing.