The expectation and demand of the public for the civil engineering system change and evolve with the continuing developments in economy, technology, and society, either gradually or drastically. In addition to technologies, the needs may also originate from factors such as public health, safety, welfare, cultural, social, environmental and economic aspects. One important component of the system is transportation and geotechnical engineering designs. 

Write a statement addressing the following items: 

 a) What do you believe is (are) the principal challenge(s) faced by civil engineers currently in meeting these needs and expectations? How are they different from those in history?

 b) Is (Are) the challenge(s) local, regional, national, or global ones, or a combination of them? Why?  

 c) What fields of knowledge beyond traditional transportation/geotechnical engineering are needed to meet the challenge(s)? 

 d) How have specific out of class, out of department, or in class/department activities or projects trained you to address the particular challenge(s) you identified in part (a)? Please list the specifics of them (e.g., the name of the course of the activity).

e) Are there any potential changes do you deem necessary to the current program of training to help meet the challenge(s)?