Step 1: select and research a drug of abuse (legal or illegal; e.g., Ritalin, alcohol, heroin). Your research should address the following:

  1. Background information about the drug. How it it consumed? How many people use/abuse the drug? 
  2. Where in the brain the drug “works” (specific parts of the brain, such as the amygdala, or specific pathways, such as the reward pathway)
  3. Any effect is has on neurotransmitters within the brain (e.g., increases/decreases serotonin).
  4. The thinking (cognition) and actions (behaviors) that occur when under the influence of the drug. 
  5. Any other interesting information, especially in how it relates to our course theme of drug abuse/addiction and/or psychology. 

Step 2: create an infographic that illustrates your research.