Please do the Reading Journal and Answer the Discussion Questions: 

How did the textbook and videos help you gain a better understanding of the ways in which cultural, political, and economic globalization function together to shape “culture?”

In other words, put the three media pieces in conversation with each other and the textbook. 

Using your activity notes and the textbook, what do you think the future of political, cultural, and economic globalization may be after Covid-19 is “history?” 

Using the IPM, what was your framing and positioning going in to these media pieces?

How did that impact what you heard/read?

How did it feel to view non-US media and their critiques of the US cultural/political system? 

How do you think these media pieces can help you have more robust intercultural conversations about Covid-19?

Thinking back to Chapter 1 (Sorrells, 2020), what definitions of culture did you identify here? How are those different definitions of culture related to political, economic, and/or cultural globalization?