Assignment Content


Assess organizational deficiencies based on gap analysis.


You work as a strategic business consultant for small business owners. A coffee shop owner wants to figure out a way to reengineer her business model and address current operating issues that she is now facing due to social distancing guidelines.


Using the attached template 

include following in the gap analysis chart.


1.Create new strategic goals for reopening with respect to the following:

Social distancing guidelines

Use of online ordering

Use of technology

Possible delivery or pickup service

2.Once the goals are developed, you will rate them on a scale from 1-9:

1-3 = Minor impact to business

4-6 = Moderate impact to business

7-9 = Major impact to business

In addition, write a summary of the following below the template:

What are your recommendations for each goal listed based on the gap analysis chart?

What other gap analysis methodology tools could be used to further support your recommendations and why?

Based on each of your recommendations, explain what measurement would be used to determine the success of the goal and how it would increase organizational performance.

Based on your recommendations and analysis, what could be some of the potential organizational deficiencies of the coffee shop?

Attribution for credible sources for the gap analysis.


Richard Schuttler

Today for me recording this is January 29th 2023 and as we go through the weeks now this happens to be week four so I’m addressing deliverable 4 in this session and hopefully my computer will stay on and work this time. For those who are on the recording took a few times to get the recording to happen here. So what I’m going to do is I normally do with these assignments.

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Richard Schuttler
If all goes well, you’re now looking at deliverable for gap analysis, so sorry for the delay and me getting here today. It’s just not a good day for technology for Doctor Rich. So today, this discussion is going to be about deliverable 4 called gap analysis, which follows along with yesterday’s discussion about looking at the gaps in strategic planning and the competency is assess organizational deficiencies based on gap analysis.

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Richard Schuttler
The is to say we don’t always look for deficiencies, but this assignment will be. Sometimes we look in organizations to find out what’s working well. It’s good to know what’s working well so that we can capitalize on that and sometimes take from there the learnings and put other places. But more times than not we do problem analysis. We do root cause analysis. We look to see what the problems are so we can do better.

0:3:43.640 –> 0:4:14.790
Richard Schuttler
Or change to completely reengineering and do away with the old and in with the new and in business terminology I would suggest if you don’t understand the difference between reengineering and process improvement, those are two distinctions. You should probably know, and if you’re early in your program, maybe you don’t, or maybe you just never really paid attention to it before. That’s OK here in this course you’re going to need to know those, because the idea is behind reengineering. Would be starting from scratch or rebuilding something.

0:4:14.930 –> 0:4:45.460
Richard Schuttler
Completely new process, maybe a new building where you’re putting in new machines or or starting something completely different than the way it’s been done before. We’re process improvements taking what’s already there and making it better in the Automotive World, we might consider that process improvement is taking this assembly line and just making improvements so we can reduce the time the cycle from the time we start to complete an automobile, we’re reengineering may necessary may require us to have a whole new factory and put all new machines.

0:4:45.550 –> 0:5:15.770
Richard Schuttler
And do something different than the way it was before, and that tends to be the scope of change, if you will, from a very minor or smaller scale scope process improvement to reengineering, which is a huge undertaking for most larger organizations. Reengineering could be something like Boeing when they’re building 1 sort of airplane and then they come up with a new airplane and they find a better way to use the same assembly line or even the same the same basic process. So in this assignment here.

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Richard Schuttler
As we always follow the scenario, you work as a strategic business consultant for a small business owner, not sure how many of you are thinking about starting your own business one day, but certainly with your education once you graduate and with all your experience, you may want to do some consulting. You may want to do it part time. You may want to make a full time Career like I and many others do like me. Many have gone to a certain level in the business world as an employee and then decided you know I can make it.

0:5:45.870 –> 0:6:4.730
Richard Schuttler
Much money, if not more, doing my own thing with far less stress and start my own business and some people just do it part time for some like a side hustle to make some extra money, maybe for an extra down payment on a house or a car, or just to improve their quality of life with a certain amount of more income coming in. Then they would have otherwise.

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Richard Schuttler
So you are this business consultant. This resonates well with me because I can pretty much see me doing something like this, perhaps not with a coffee shop owner, but I certainly wouldn’t pass up the opportunity. So the coffee shop owner wants to figure out a way to reengineer, reengineer, so basically change her process model and address current operating issues that she is now facing or confronting due to social distance guidelines. Now you may think, Gee.

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Richard Schuttler
COVID has really already over with the social distancing is come and gone already. In some ways yes, but in other ways not really. It’s just a matter of time. Means I see in some places people want even in the airline industry some people are talking about putting the mask back on because COVID some strain of COVID is causing continued problems. So don’t be too short sighted in thinking that the the.

0:7:1.220 –> 0:7:34.930
Richard Schuttler
Pandemics over with and it’s probably it may just be around the corner till the next one comes out and it’s something different where we have to go back to some of these social distancing guidelines. But the good thing is you’re all probably familiar enough with social distance guidelines because you’ve lived through it in the last couple years. So now what are we going to do? You’re going to use this template and this template here, you just click on the link and it’ll take you to it. I’m not going to go through it because I know you know how to click on the link but and when you click on it, there’s a a Word document and what it does, it provides you a matrix, a table that’s called because it in.

0:7:35.20 –> 0:7:58.650
Richard Schuttler
APA word. It’s a table. And then that table it has just so happens four places for strategic goals. Now for this instructions for your assignment is create new strategic goals for reopening with respect to the following. So it’s coffee shops going to reopen and they’re going to and you’re going to help create these new strategic goals for social distance guidelines.

0:7:59.340 –> 0:8:1.130
Richard Schuttler
Use of online ordering.

0:8:2.90 –> 0:8:6.660
Richard Schuttler
Use of technology and possible delivery and pickup service.

0:8:7.510 –> 0:8:22.280
Richard Schuttler
Just so happens in that chart that you see in that document when you open up, there’s four opportunities for you to fill in the goal. So, you put those four in there, but you can’t just put them in there. You got to create the strategy. So, you’re going to have to make a sentence like to.

0:8:22.950 –> 0:8:50.240
Richard Schuttler
Do something with the right through, initiate it or to create it, or whatever. The goal is so we don’t have a goal. Just use online ordering. We don’t have the goal of to use to incorporate online ordering for whatever reason, right? It’s more than just afraid of a couple words. The goal tends to be to improve customer service by 20% if you will. That’s kind of like a goal. We’re just improving. Customer service is not necessarily a strategy.

0:8:51.80 –> 0:9:9.750
Richard Schuttler
Certainly not a goal. It’s just what you’re going to work on. So, then the next part is, once you once the goals are developed, then you rank them. It just so happens that on each one of those, there’s a scale from 1 to 9. Now this is subjective based on you. I may do this exact same work and I might think that well.

0:9:11.190 –> 0:9:38.780
Richard Schuttler
Social distancing guidelines pretty easy. I can do that. I can do it quickly. Whereas wow, if I want to use something with technology and online ordering, that may be more challenging and more expensive because I I may not have the type of point-of-sale system on a cash register that people can access through online to be able to order and possible pickup service. Well, if I’m in a coffee shop, that just happens to be straddled in a strip mall between two other stores.

0:9:39.550 –> 0:10:3.820
Richard Schuttler
I’m may not be. I can’t have a drive through, So what am I going to allow somebody to drive up? And then what makes you believe that even if you’re a strip mall, you can have a couple of parking spots just for your business when all the other shop owners cannot do that for theirs. But there are a lot of ramifications that you have to think through a little bit anyway, as you decide how you’re going to rank these on the scale of 1 to 9.

0:10:5.190 –> 0:10:35.40
Richard Schuttler
And that’s just don’t happen to be a spot for you to add a description of the information. And again, that’s going to be subjective. But in that chart, you’re probably going to have, you know, three sentences probably for each one of those something maybe two complete sentences, but it’s going to be enough information to describe what it is with the goal. So, if I was going to have again increase customer satisfaction by 20%, I might have some of that information in there and initiatives or whatever I’m going to do to describe it or bring it out fully.

0:10:35.170 –> 0:10:38.80
Richard Schuttler
If you will from the reengineering perspective, right?

0:10:38.980 –> 0:10:59.950
Richard Schuttler
So you Add all that. That’s the easy part. Now the harder part or the more challenging part, maybe the more interesting part is now in addition write a summary. So, this is where you’re going to have pretty much like a Word document with a composition style writing and you’re going to write what are what are the you’re going to provide, what are your recommendations for each goal?

0:11:0.830 –> 0:11:30.400
Richard Schuttler
And you’re going to align it with what you have in that chart. So if for one of them the goal is and it happens to be social distancing guidelines, what are your recommendations for that that you have certain placards on the floor, they maybe you have people that are going to employees are going to police if you will, to make sure it’s only so many people in the store or if everybody’s coming in one door and out the other door, whatever it is you’re going to decide on your recommendations. Now, just keep in mind it’s recommendations.

0:11:30.800 –> 0:12:2.260
Richard Schuttler
As in plural. So, make sure you have more than one, two or three gets the job done. I wouldn’t worry about going to four or five of them. There’s a lot of them you could do. Again. It’s going to be subjective which ones you think are the most appropriate. I would say use your personal experiences from when you going through places or have, particularly when in the early days of COVID when the social distancing first started, maybe you went into a Starbucks, or maybe you went into a a Panera Bread and to get coffee or or any other restaurant. And what kind of social distancing guidelines.

0:12:2.330 –> 0:12:23.480
Richard Schuttler
Today use that you found to be valuable. I know there’s some of them I’ve seen that where they they’re pretty good and there are others are like this doesn’t make much sense. They got one door and they say we got to go in this side and out the other side. But you can certainly breathe on each other as you’re going through it. That didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but it was better than nothing because they have another door to have as another option.

0:12:24.340 –> 0:12:57.360
Richard Schuttler
What other gap analysis methodology tools could be used to further support your recommendations and why just so happens that yesterday in my presentation I led to a lot of tools that you could use quality management tools plus the reading offers you some ideas as well. If I was going to look at this as a tool, I might have just a chart that somebody keeps track of how many people are in the store every 15 minutes. Like sometimes how long, how many people are in the wait line so we can measure and look at the gap of what we’re trying to achieve and where we’re at.

0:12:58.100 –> 0:13:26.390
Richard Schuttler
Based on each of your recommendations for each, explain what measurement would be used to determine the success of the goal and how it would increase organizational performance. So if you had, for example, for the social distances, these placards on the floor, one of the assessments might be is that as the store manager you manage, you look and see are they maintaining that 6 foot distance between each other, are they going in and out the doors? This is as simple in this case as observation.

0:13:27.380 –> 0:13:41.750
Richard Schuttler
Now, if you’re going to have something more different and you’re going to relate to ordering technology online, how would you measure the success? One of them might be when item, and there’s a lot of them, but one might be when somebody orders something online, is it in the store?

0:13:42.960 –> 0:14:15.70
Richard Schuttler
Somebody might want to a scone, right? They order scone online, they get to the store, they pick it up with their coffee and somebody tells them. Oh, here’s your coffee. But the scones not available. We were out of them and it some customers said, well, Gee, it’s something like it. Was it available online and that’s because perhaps maybe the point system didn’t work well, they didn’t have the advanced technology perfected to ensure that whatever customer ordered was available. See, those are options you can kind of think of and maybe you’ve been in some of these situations in certain stores.

0:14:15.190 –> 0:14:34.270
Richard Schuttler
We ordered something online only to find out a couple days later. Maybe if you order something online to be delivered to your home, like let’s say a clothing item, that all of a sudden you game. I said, oh, we’re out of, we’re out of stock. It’s going to be 2 weeks or four weeks before you get it. Everything like, Gee, why don’t they just tell me that when I ordered it?

0:14:35.180 –> 0:14:40.140
Richard Schuttler
These are kind of things you can think of as you start to get ideas to put into this assignment.

0:14:41.590 –> 0:14:47.580
Richard Schuttler
Then, based on your recommendations and analysis, what could be some of the potential organizational deficiencies?

0:14:48.290 –> 0:14:50.140
Richard Schuttler
Well, one could be just don’t have the money.

0:14:50.800 –> 0:15:21.230
Richard Schuttler
You don’t have the money to be able to do a point of sale system. You don’t have the money to be able to drill a hole in the side of the building. If you happen to be at the end of a strip mall to be able to put in a drive through window, it’s not like you just have a couple kids come out on the weekend and knock out hole in the wall and and have it work the next day, right? That’s quite the investment to get it done and done correctly. You might look at what are the differences or you know what could be potential organizational deficiencies. And this is really just looking and say OK.

0:15:21.350 –> 0:15:23.540
Richard Schuttler
This is what we want to do, but can we do it?

0:15:25.50 –> 0:15:52.360
Richard Schuttler
We don’t know what the budget is of the coffee shop owner, so a lot of times we’ll make recommendations. They’ll be based on financial opportunities that the owner wants to invest or the practicality. The idea might be to have a drive through pick up or delivery service and say, well, Gee, I I can’t really put a drive through window in, but I also can’t have parking spots right in front of my shop available because of the strip mall won’t allow that.

0:15:53.300 –> 0:16:7.910
Richard Schuttler
Well, then, what do you do? Well, maybe another option is, you know, like for example, they have Uber eats and door dash and things like that that’s reasonable to consider. Do you know how much they take from the owner of the coffee shop to make that happen?

0:16:8.740 –> 0:16:29.10
Richard Schuttler
You may not know that, but you can bet and I know that there’s a certain amount of money at the coffee shop owner also pays, not just the people who are paying for the delivery, who orders it. That coffee shop owners paying a lot of money too. And that cuts into the profit margins. It’s much easier for the coffee shop owner if you just walk in the door and get your coffee yourself.

0:16:29.710 –> 0:16:53.120
Richard Schuttler
But This Is Us, something they’re considering, and you as a consultant are looking at all the different options and making some recommendations on that. So this is assignment, sometimes drives some students crazy because it’s not all laid out for you sometimes want, I want know exactly what I can put in there. I don’t know. That’s not this kind of assignment. This is an opportunity for you to be a little creative.

0:16:53.940 –> 0:16:55.280
Richard Schuttler
When I read these assignments.

0:16:56.400 –> 0:17:13.890
Richard Schuttler
Therefore, we have 20 students. When I would read them, probably 6 or 7 items are similar and the rest of them are all different but valid. But just because you may be creative or you may see something and you may think well, dash and put that because that doesn’t make sense. The question is it logical?

0:17:14.880 –> 0:17:46.590
Richard Schuttler
Does it fit this type of scenario? And that’s the question we always ask ourselves when we were doing something scenario is it logical doesn’t mean it has to be the same recommendation. Somebody else would be, because oftentimes it’s that one person who sees something a little bit different that makes a big difference. Or you could maybe have some recommendations as well if you had this much money and you don’t have to go into dollar value, but sometimes you say if you can afford a little bit more, you can do even more and that’s what we do a lot of times when we’re making recommendations too. Not that you have to do that.

0:17:46.670 –> 0:18:16.440
Richard Schuttler
Here, that’s just in the real world, but you can see that you can come up with some ideas. Some are gonna be inexpensive, like for example, putting the placards on the floor stand 6 feet apart, maybe put a little stanchion with a little, you know, node on it that holds, you know, a picture that hold tells people stay away 6 feet away, you know, don’t cough and sneeze on people. If things like that, those are inexpensive. We can buy those now and order them. They’ll be here tomorrow. If we bomb through Amazon and they’ll be on the floors by tomorrow by.

0:18:16.670 –> 0:18:48.260
Richard Schuttler
Within 24 hours. So some things we can do easily and inexpensive, and oftentimes even if you had these four items that are in the system here for this scenario, I would look and recommendations as a consultant and this would be based on the same thing you’re going to do when you actually scale them from 1:00 to 9:00. When I see the ones that are can be done easily and are the most important. I might do that even if there’s something else that might cost me more.

0:18:48.630 –> 0:18:57.840
Richard Schuttler
But still even get a bigger bang for the Bucks. They may not be able to afford everything all at once. Could be a phase then thing where for the social distancing guidelines, I can meet those easy.

0:18:58.510 –> 0:19:9.970
Richard Schuttler
Well, if I’m gonna do online ordering and technology, I would combine them together because they’re technically you can’t have online ordering without using technology, but you never know. They may actually have.

0:19:10.940 –> 0:19:26.920
Richard Schuttler
Appoint a system sale there with their cash registers. There’s just not using it for ordering online. In that case, maybe they just need an Internet service and software to connect it to make it happen. Chances are they already have Internet anyway, and then the other one for pick up delivery service.

0:19:27.920 –> 0:19:42.20
Richard Schuttler
I would first go with if it was for me, I would first go and say, well, let’s start with Ubereats and DoorDash and see if anybody, if there’s even a need. There’s a lot of times for me personally, I would never do that for a coffee shop unless they had really good coffee.

0:19:42.880 –> 0:20:11.50
Richard Schuttler
And good food. I would just say I’ll just go to the next place, I’ll get something else. I’ll. I’ll do a drive through somewhere else. I’ll go and McDonald’s and get coffee. I can walk in the door there. I can wait my car and get that. But no problem. We’re ordering online. I would even for me, I would never order online from McDonald’s. But I’ll drive through there, drive through if I want a good cup of coffee. If I’m driving somewhere and just want a coffee or something like that. So these are things you can think about. So for those here on the live call, any questions on any of that, any of this?

0:20:11.710 –> 0:20:13.140
Richard Schuttler
That confuse you all the way.

0:20:18.770 –> 0:20:22.230
Richard Schuttler
OK, people are people still here? Looks like it. OK.

0:20:21.420 –> 0:20:31.370
Sarah Deniston
Sorry I couldn’t get off mute. I I’m sorry if I missed you saying this but so since a lot of this is subjective, how many sources would you expect to see in this?

0:20:31.930 –> 0:20:49.650
Richard Schuttler
How I would say for the recommendations and the items that when you write about each item that you’re going to dress all those four categories that they give you a couple for each. Nothing. This is not going to be anything major and everything that if you’re if you’re going through your work and you’re making.

0:20:50.870 –> 0:20:54.880
Richard Schuttler
This idea, what are your recommendation? Reads goal based on the Gap analysis chart.

0:20:55.540 –> 0:21:13.550
Richard Schuttler
You might have one for each recommendation that you read from somewhere else, or that that’s been proven to be helpful for that and and the same with the others, and some might be the same. Actually, references applied more than once, but just keep in mind when it says, you know, based on your recommendations, what could be some of the potential deficiencies.

0:21:15.10 –> 0:21:26.700
Richard Schuttler
You don’t always have to cite everything like that. You could say what some of deficiencies are, and if you happen to see, like in a coffee shop, if you did a an iron, if you found an article, it says, you know, building in.

0:21:27.860 –> 0:22:1.110
Richard Schuttler
Drive through because there’s a lot of information now about drive through and pick up services like this for these types of food vendors, you might find somebody that indicated you know these are some of the challenges, deficiencies that can and how they can be addressed and and cite somebody. But I would say, you know, if you probably had eight or ten references, you would be fine for this whole overall document. And that’s just to get gauge, you know somebody mentioned the other day. Well, you know I’ve been a phone conversation with students. If I need to know exactly how my reference is why I can’t tell you how many should be exact.

0:22:1.240 –> 0:22:7.20
Richard Schuttler
I can tell you based on the size and scope of work, so if there was four items, I’m thinking probably about 2.

0:22:7.790 –> 0:22:37.550
Richard Schuttler
I choose citations for each one, particularly if it says recommendations you know, you should probably have. Maybe if you offer two recommendations, maybe ground them at least either in one citation that addresses it, or two different ones that align with what you’re making. Keep in mind the idea of of citing is not to just site to site with somebody else wrote, it says that is it appropriate for your work and you’re showing that what you’re writing is is consistent with other what others are doing. It’s not just your.

0:22:37.710 –> 0:23:7.230
Richard Schuttler
Unsubstantiated opinion, but your grounding it and saying that, you know, I’m making this recommendation for these players because I see how easy it is and there’s I can see our articles out there in the last couple years that literally addressed how simple it is to do social distancing in an organization that is not doing it at all, because those people who have done it have written it about written about it. So I hope that helps. But I think if you have 12 references, you have more than enough. If you have 6.

0:23:8.20 –> 0:23:10.250
Richard Schuttler
You might want to add another one or two.

0:23:10.720 –> 0:23:12.310
Sarah Deniston
OK, hope that helps. Thank you.

0:23:15.410 –> 0:23:16.90
Richard Schuttler
You’re welcome.

0:23:18.460 –> 0:23:19.860
Richard Schuttler
Any other questions?

0:23:21.750 –> 0:23:52.560
Richard Schuttler
This can be a fun assignment. Encourage you to to actually have fun with this and you know, use it as an opportunity is if you what you how you do it might help you in your own work when you’re tasked with a situation and say, how do you think things through, what are all the ramifications and a lot of times when I do this kind of work as a business consultant getting paid, I’ll do a brainstorming concept with myself and creating a concept map or a mind map if you will. They’re pretty much the same.

0:23:52.670 –> 0:24:3.80
Richard Schuttler
But I’ll use a mapping process, not put down all the major items that I need to address for each of these. So for example, for each of these four items, I might create a concept map. If this was real.

0:24:3.810 –> 0:24:34.340
Richard Schuttler
And I because when I’m getting when this is real, I’m getting paid. So I have to be pretty accurate with what I’m doing. I would create a concept map of all the related factors or constructs if you will, and then I would see which ones are connected and how I can make this come to life. Because if I think things through, that’s a creative process that’s creative thinking and then I take it into the linear thinking or cognitive thinking perspective and take this creative output and put it into some sort of recommendation, if you will, or put it into these items.

0:24:34.490 –> 0:25:7.80
Richard Schuttler
And these items, these four items that you’re addressing are really very practical. There’s not much left here because we always have to look and see. You know what? What’s the pros and cons of what we’re doing and what I can make these recommendations, but the organizations deficient, well, it may mean the owner may not have the money to invest in the drive, through window options and things like that. But if it’s important enough, maybe he’s or she has the money when they’re savings or they can take Abyss small business loan to get them through it because they know it’s never return on their investment.

0:25:7.400 –> 0:25:39.730
Richard Schuttler
It just depends on the business. As a coffee shop owner, I would not be investing too much money in a coffee shop unless you know it’s just really jamming and if it’s a Starbucks you don’t really have a choice anyway because it’s a corporate run franchise and you have to do what they tell you to do. So if they when they talk about a coffee shop owner, this was something it it doesn’t come out in the scenario, but this is a sole proprietor in this scenario here. Don’t think of it as somebody like you know you’re gonna drive down the street when I go to Dunkin’ Donuts and get some coffee and Donuts.

0:25:39.950 –> 0:26:8.420
Richard Schuttler
They’re a franchise. They they can only do so much or they have so much resources available to them that the small coffee shop owner might not have. So I have. My recommendation is consider somebody in a strip mall that maybe it’s a what we call a mom and pop store or somebody just opened it up recently. And then there’s a lot of people opened up, business, opened up businesses and on January and February 2020 and then COVID came along and shut them down. And then when they had to reopen, if they reopened, they’ve had a lot of these concerns.

0:26:10.600 –> 0:26:11.360
Richard Schuttler
So have fun.

0:26:12.660 –> 0:26:13.600
Richard Schuttler
Not wrong with that.

0:26:15.610 –> 0:26:18.740
Richard Schuttler
I think as long as it’s logical and systematic and you’ll be fine.

0:26:21.390 –> 0:26:23.100
Richard Schuttler
And you can justify that and you’re writing.

0:26:24.960 –> 0:26:50.880
Richard Schuttler
That’s all I have for today. The next session is going to be on Saturday the 28th at noon, where I’m gonna address answer any questions if I can. If the students have them, who are there and I’m going to share insights on the next 12 success tips. I was just reading an article because I I use Google Alerts for things that I want to read about it. Since I teach these kind of courses and I also teach PhD business courses as well.