Discussion #10

Through exploration, trade, and conquest, the nation-states of  Western Europe exploited the human and natural resources of West Africa and the Americas. Although some of the first Africans to arrive in North America were indentured servants, the status of Africans eventually changed to one of lifelong servitude. What caused this transformation?  Several reasons have been proposed, but the issue of race always appears high on the list.  Historians have debated as to whether slavery was a result of white racism, or whether racism was a result of slavery.

In order to prepare for this discussion forum:  

  1. Review and identify the relevant sections of Chapter 3 and Chapter 13, that address this topic, and support your discussion.
  2. You must read the essay available on this link, DEBATING THE PAST: The Origins of Slavery Download DEBATING THE PAST: The Origins of Slavery.
  3. Identify the arguments that have been presented by various historians regarding the origins of slavery. 

After you have completed your reading, post your answers to only ONE of the following questions.

  1. In your opinion, which argument is most convincing?  Explain your position.
  2. In your opinion, which argument is the least convincing?  Explain your position. 

In order to earn the full credit points for this assignment, students must discuss at least one question, and respond to a fellow student’s postings:  

  • Directly and completely to the question that you selected. Clearly and accurately explain your answer based on factual information contained in the readings. Make sure that all statements are supported with facts from the readings (80 points).
  • Students must respond to at least one fellow student’s posting and discuss the reason(s) for their agreement or disagreement, with the arguments that are presented. You must address specific points, and support your response with facts from the readings and other sources. (20 points).
  • Students can choose to respond to any posting, they do have to respond to a posting that discusses the question they addressed.

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