You are going to interview for an instructional designer (ID) job. You will be part of a team designing instruction to solve a problem related to instructional design and technology.

The job posting stated: We are looking for a seasoned ID who has worked through all phases of a variety of instructional design models. You will have a conversation with human resources as the first interview step. Select four different instructional design models to discuss in this interview conversation.

Review the Interview Conversation.

Yur objective during the interview is to highlight your knowledge of instructional design models.

Compose your initial post as if you are talking to the interviewers. Address the following:

List the four models and discuss the differences that you have noted among them.

Speak about the pros and cons of blending instructional design models rather than using only one. Ask others to weigh in.

Explain the value of using an instructional design model. Argue either in favor or against using an instructional design model.