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Greetings folks, this week, I want us to focus on finding and interpreting the themes of the story. We can think of themes as ideas the text is interested in exploring/invites us to consider. For example, in our prior story, “Snow, Glass, Apples,” one theme I would point to is that of corruption. In our discussion last week, I invited you all to consider Snow White’s culpability – to what extent is she responsible for her actions? In an effort to raise his daughter, the King corrupts his role as a father by allowing Snow White to feed on him and arguably sets Snow White down the path toward becoming a monster. When Snow White, a little bit older but still very much a young girl, encounters the friar in the woods, said friar corrupts his station as a religious man by soliciting her for sex. When we take a step back and consider the wider implications of this, that the authority figures in Snow White’s life all abdicated their responsibilities to her, then we could argue that she was not born a monster, but made into one. Further still, we can use this story to ponder the nature of evil and the human condition – are monsters born or are they made? And so on. 

So this is what I would like you all to do this week: bring us a theme! Tell us what theme you’ve identified in this tale, point to where you see it in the text (i.e. another close reading) and how it can help us understand the story as a whole. As always, let me know if you have any questions.