write 2 discussion responses.

1.In “What is Poverty?” the author does a good job reaching out to the audience. The audience in this situation are the people who are not in poverty and have money. The purpose of this is to get people to understand what people in poverty have to go through. As the audience of the article is for the more fortunate, this work exemplifies the purpose of really having the audience feel and gage the magnitude of the situation that the person is going through. The content of this paper is the imagery provided of people that cannot afford simple life needs such as food, water, heat, and proper shelter. Even when having a kid, the parents need to dig deep into their pockets, to try affording basic childcare materials such as Vaseline or diapers.

The mood that this paper provides is dismal and sorrowful. One can feel extremely sorry for what the people in poverty are going through. The style that is used is descriptive, but also has some aspects of persuasion as well to help people sympathize for them. As the piece came through a larger book it might come from narrative structure. Overall this piece was very well written and it opens people’s eyes to what some others go through.

2. The essay written by Jo Goodwin Parker shows the challenges and hardships she had when in poverty. I don’t think she wrote this essay to address the wealth or middle class audience but to anyone that was willing to listen and read. 

I believe the purpose was to get recognition for her struggle’s and those who have suffered like she has.

She states that the poor are polite and keep to themselves and feel that they don’t have a voice. That without money you can’t pay the rent, have access to power or hot water, fix things that are broken or have access to a variety of foods with more nutrition. 

She has a very aggressive and angered tone in order to make the reader understand just the lifestyle of the poor is not sustainable. 

She paints a very dark world that lacks any hope and takes away a chance to be happy and fulfilled. She stirs up emotion in the reader purposefully in order to make you realize that they need help. 

She begins half of the paragraphs in her essay with the words “Poverty is” as a stylistic means of further drawing the attention of the readers who have already made an investment in the story,