For Loewen (minumum of 150 words for this discussion):

Loewen notes that the epidemics that ravaged Native populations in New England—diseases carried by European Americans—constituted the most important geopolitical event of the early seventeenth century. Is he right?

Before reading the book, what did you know about the first Thanksgiving? How has this chapter confirmed or refuted what you previously knew?

For Bigler (minimum of 200 words for this):

  • After reading Units 3-4, what are two turning points in this section of American history and why? How does the TEKS describe or view a turning point?
  • Provide a sample teaching element that you would use for Units 3-4. Place your image, picture, cartoon, etc. here. This would be something that you would use to teach one of the content concepts, not a lesson plan. Explain what you have posted.