The rules and laws we have in life are meant to guide us and protect us, and to keep order in our society. Imagine that you get to make 3 rules that everyone in the world must follow. What rules would you make and why?

Rule 1 _______________________________________________________________________

I chose this rule because?

Rule 2_______________________________________________________________________

I chose this rule because? 

Rule 3 _______________________________________________________________________

I chose this rule because?

CAMP 1 – Career Interests & Possibilities

General instructions: When responding to questions for this assignment, questions need to be responded to in complete sentences in paragraph format.  Yes/No answers are not sufficient; and most questions will require more than one sentence answers. Be sure to provide cite information (identify your source) so that it is clear what information is from which source and what information is your interpretation or your thoughts. Label your written report with the following headings: Career Interest Assessment, Career Possibility Investigation, Summary.

A. Career Interest Assessment

For this part of the assignment, you will complete an online inventory that will provide you with information about the kinds of careers that could be a good choice for you. The inventory will consist of questions about your interests, skills, and preferred activities. When you complete the inventory, you will receive feedback on your results, including the kinds of careers that people like you (similar interests and skills) find interesting and rewarding.

In a written report, you will need to:

a) Provide your personality profile along with your understanding of the profile

b) How well do the types represent you? Explain if it does or not.

c) Do I enjoy or like one of the types more than the others? If so, which one?


The online inventory is called the “Self-Directed Search” (or “SDS”) and can be accessed at Taking the SDS costs $9.95 (also, see next paragraph for free option). Once you complete the SDS, you will receive a report with your results, including which career “personality types” your results match up with. Based on your career “type,” the report will provide suggestions for the careers that could be a good fit for you in terms of your interests and skills. You can then use the careers suggested for you to do Part B of the assignment. 

For a similar inventory that you do not have to pay to take, you can access a free career interest inventory at This free inventory will not give you as much information as the SDS, but you would still get enough information to complete this assignment and learn about how your career interests and personality match up with career choices for you to consider. 

B. Career Possibility Investigation

For this part of the assignment, use the career suggestions you received from the interest inventory you completed for Part A to choose one or two possible careers that you could pursue. The go online to find information about those careers. The careers can be in psychology or other fields (you may especially be interested in related fields, such as counseling and social work). 

Here is a list of web sites for investigating career possibilities: (this is the site for the Occupational Outlook Handbook) (this is the “O*Net” site) (click on “Careers in Psychology by Marky Lloyd)

In a written report, provide the following information on at least 2 possible career choices. (answer questions separately for each career and identify the sources used to obtain information):

a) What do I know about this type of position?

b) Is this something I would like to do?

c) What skills does it require?

d) What level of education would I need?

e) Do I know anyone who does this kind of work? 

Or how could I find someone who does?

f) Is there a position similar to this one I would enjoy better? What is it?

g) How much money do people in this career make per year?

h) What is the future employment outlook (availability of jobs) for this position?

i) How does this career differ from the one I wanted to do when I was growing up?

C) Summary : 

Answer the following questions:

a) What did I learn about myself in terms of my interests and how they relate to possible 

career choices for me?

b) What are the two or three most important things I learned about careers, especially the 

ones I am interested in?

Second : CAMP 1:  Career Interests & Possibilities

Grading Rubric

(30 Possible Points)

Name: ________________________________________  Student ID: __________________






Points Assigned


Part A Responses

The report addresses Part A by presenting career interest inventory results and responding to the Part A questions on the assignment instructions clearly and with sufficient detail. 



Part B Responses

The report addresses Part B by presenting information about possible careers and responding to the Part B questions on the assignment instructions clearly and with sufficient detail. 



Crediting Sources

Sources (such as web sites) of career information for responses to Part B are credited



Summary and Conclusions 

Conclusion summarizes what was learned about career interests and possible career choices. 



Writing – Grammar, Spelling & Usage

Grammar, spelling, and word usage (no major writing problems) 




The assignment was completed and the report submitted by the deadline.