1. My research question is: For patients with severe major depressive disorder is electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) combined with pharmacological intervention more effective than pharmacological mono therapy?
  2. Please find 2 unfiltered, primary sources that will be used for my research question
  3. Summaries those 2 sources. Each summary should be 2 pages that should recap the study in the article — its objectives, methods, and outcomes.
  4. Follow the summary with a brief description of how the source addresses your focused question and why you chose it above all others.
  5. Head each summary with the proper APA reference citation (as it will appear on your reference list).
  6. Include the following information in each summary:
    1. Authors’ credibility
    2. The questions the authors explored
    3. The methods the authors used to answer/explore the questions
    4. The authors’ results, including specific evidence/data
    5. A description of the author’s overall discussion