This assignment has two parts, please complete both parts to get full credit.
Part 1. The following short report about a moive uses a number of vague words. In the “Write Submission” box, rewrite this essay using more precise words to help this person convey how much they really enjoyed the movie.
The movie I saw was called The Bug. I thought it was something. It was about a dude that was weird. He was a science person or something. He did things with bugs and stuff. He built this machine that had x-rays or something and zapped the bugs. They got weird. One day he had an accident and zapped himself. He turned into a giant bug. It was weird. He went around the city and attacked things. The army wiped him out. The movie was too much. I think everybody should check it out.

Part 2. In the “Write Submission” box,

below the your improved version of the above essay, write a short description about a movie you have recently watched. Be sure to use precise words that help the reader visualize the the movie and also want to see it for themselves.

Introduction to Observation Essay

Write the introduction to your Observation essay

Remember that the introduction should be short and contain only 3 to 5 sentences.

Make sure that you start with an interesting and intriguing hook. A hook does not annouce your topic but relates to your topic by using an interesting or surprising fact, bold pronouncement, a creative rhetorical question, or a short anedote.

Make sure you have a clear and specific topic.

Connect the hook to the thesis with one or two transition sentences.

End the introduction with your thesis that clearly reveals your topic and dominate impression of your topic.


Within this world, there are many unique mini worlds that almost no one sees, but they exist in plain sight. Ironically, these unseen worlds are everywhere. In fact, one is thriving in my backyard. Only a few inches from my deck, there is an unassuming and quite ordinary palmetto bush brimming with intense and diverse life.