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Discussion1. All  major mutual fund companies now offer a variety of internationally  diversified mutual funds. The degree of international composition across  funds, however, differs significantly. Use the Web sites listed below,  and others of interest, to do the following:

Distinguish between international funds, global funds, worldwide funds, and overseas funds

Determine  how international funds have been performing, in U.S. dollar terms,  relative to mutual funds offering purely domestic portfolios

T. Rowe Price
Merrill Lynch

  1. Discussion 2:
  2. Click on the following link:


Global Equities. Bloomberg  provides extensive coverage of the worldwide equity markets 24 hours a  day. Using the Bloomberg site listed here, note how different the  performance indices are on the same equity markets at the same point in  time all around the world.

Using  the Bloomberg site listed above, note how different the performance  indices are on the same equity markets at the same point in time all  around the world.