Developing a comprehensive fitness program for a client can present many unique challenges.
The scope of this project is to undertake many of those with a hypothetical client selction. Within
this, many real life scenarios including lifestyle barriers (work, family, location, etc.) may come
into play with your clients potential program. Further, every program should be unique to your
client and their goals in all areas of fitness. For example, if your client has a goal of improved
cardiovascular fitness via 5k time, your program should be structured in such a way to help them
achive the goal in the timeframe. Creating a program proposal you can geneterate a concise
document to present to your client that summarizes their health history, potential lifestyle
barriers, goals, and your potential overview of your program. This will ensure that you and the
client are on the same page as you undertake their fitness journey. 

You will write a 1–2 page proposal which must be double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman
font with 1-inch margins. In the proposal, you will select a client and briefly provide all elements
of physical fitness components (e.g. muscular strength or endurance, cardiovascular endurance,
flexibility, body composition) that must be included in your future Comprehensive Exercise
Program Design. You will select a “hypothetical client” meaning you can choose a real person to
design an exercise program for, but you must give this person an alias name. Provide several
reasons why you chose the client and briefly discuss why your exercise program design will help
the client. List the reasons why each chosen physical fitness component must be included in your