1. Describe your familiarity with any or all of the six types of Contract Documents (Drawings, Specifications, Contracts, Addenda, Schedule, Budget).
  2. Why is it important to create a paper trail in the life of a Construction Project?
  3. Why is a Procurement Schedule key to the effective management of the project and its schedule?
  4. How have you used Submittals (Shop Drawings, Samples, Mock-ups, Product Data) in any project you have worked on?
  5. What is a Mock-up and give examples of ones at your project?
  6. What are the various project meetings that you should keep minutes for and why?
  7. What are some important items of information that need to be recorded in the Daily Report?
  8. What logs are maintained at your project site and why?
  9. What are the various uses of Submittals?
  10. List the types of records to be kept at a construction project site and why?