1- Vocabulary in context: Select 5 vocabulary items and design a vocabulary in context activity. [2.5 marks]2- Vocabulary in context: Choose the correct answer. [2.5 marks]

Vocabulary Building: Select 5 nouns from the text and add a suitable adjective to each noun tomake a meaningful noun adjective collocation. [2.5+2.5 =5 marks]

  1. 1-Looking for main ideas: Select 2 paragraphs and design a multiple-choice main idea activity for each paragraph. [2 marks]
    2- Looking for main ideas: Choose the correct answer. [2 marks]
  2. 1- Scanning for details: Design 4 questions related to the article content. [2 marks] 2- Scanning for details: Answer the questions created. [2 marks]
  3. 1- Critical Thinking: Write any 2 critical thinking questions related to the subject matter of the article. [2 marks]2- Answer the critical thinking questions in around 150-200 words. [5 marks]

Summarize the article in 200-250 words [5 marks]