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HRMN 467

1.Topic 1(Tasha Cobb)

Marriott International is a global company that is based out of Bethesda, Maryland. (Andrew, 2022) Marriott International operates “8,100 properties under 30 leading brands spanning 139 countries and territories.” (Andrew, 2022) Marriott International follows geocentrism from the EPRG model. (Drachal, 2014) Geocentric orientation uses the local resources to benefit the company. (Drachal, 2014) They are hiring the best candidate for the position based on qualification and skills. Marriott International values diversity and works with local communities to help create opportunities. (Marriott Internation, n.d.) By being geocentric, Marriott International is being successful and maintaining long term success. (Drachal, 2014) In 2021, Marriott International was the largest hotel chain in the world with their room percentage increasing by 3.1% in a year. (Gourtsilidou, 2022) 


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2.Topic 2( Tekeya Cooper)

The country I chose is Nigeria as they have rising economy and does a lot of international business. The country is seen as a relaxed country as they generally enjoy relating to people in a personal way even in business settings. It is common in Nigeria to want to get to know people personally before conducting business (Mahon, n.d.). There are still gender roles in Nigeria so it’s important to understand that when implementing HR practices. English is the first language in Nigeria so there is no need to hire people who are fluent in any of the indigenous languages though it may be useful (Warburton, n.d.). To prepare for my company’s transition into Nigeria I would consider getting consultants who have done business in Nigeria. I would create an employee handbook that ties in my company’s value and inclusivity including gender equality to provide positions for expats and local women as they have higher level educated too. My hiring practices would be considered geocentrism as I would like to hire the best person for the job, though locally is ideal as it would cost less (Wind et al., 1973). I would consider the local economy to determine adequate pay for employees and this figure will be utilized for expats as well. I would of course research general laws, visas, and employment laws in Nigeria with the help the consultants mentioned earlier to ensure my company is legal. Titles are important in Nigeria based on academics/ professions so adding a sense of formality in workplace etiquette and business conduct is important as doing otherwise is considered a huge disrespect. My goal is to provide comfort for all employees whether they’re expats or local residents. 


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HRMN 408

1.Topic 1(Tiarra Saverson)

As the HR leader, I will sit my boss down and listen to how the interaction went with John. I think that at first, I would like to see the full picture of how the boss may be feeling and then explain to him how his actions of how he wants to handle the situation may not be the best idea. I think I will make it known that how John lives his life shouldn’t/doesn’t affect his religious beliefs. I will also teach him on the state and local laws that prohibit the act of harassment on an individual based off of being transgender or their sex discrimination. This is considered a violation of the Equal Protection Clause and if john wanted to take this to court, then more than likely the boss/company would be taken to court. With the boss being a nurse practitioner as well as a minster in a church, I would make it known to him that he shouldn’t be portraying his religious beliefs on a employee when that has nothing to do with the employee at hand. If the boss wanted to terminate the employee then it would be considered unconstitutional sex discrimination and that is not allowed. Being the boss means sometimes being the employer and therefore I would have weekly meetings with the boss to make sure that he is thoroughly reviewing future applicants applications, hiring, and on going work processes to make sure that there are no future incidents or issues when hiring an individual part of the LGBTQ community. As HR I would want to make sure that not only the employer is educated on the topic but also current employees so that there are no mishaps where discrimination is happening in the workplace. “Title VII prohibits an employer from discriminating against workers based on protected characteristics with respect to terms and conditions of employment, including hiring, firing, laying off, training, or discipline” (UMGC, n.d., What does the High Courts LGBTQ Ruling Mean for Employee Benefits). 


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2.Topic 2( Madison Tamondong)

Good afternoon,

Briefly discuss the difference between BFOQ and Business Necessity defenses.

         The Bona Fide Occupational Qualification is an organization/business that has been authorized to have the employer restrict a person to be hired based on his or her sex, religion, and ethnicity.  An employer that has this qualification had to prove that his or her organization needed these employment preferences which could be reasonably understood by the type of business it presents. For instance, in my career, you have to be 18 years or older due to safety and this is why we don’t have people under 18 years working in the warehouse. This is different from business necessity defenses because it is a legal concept that is justified by an employer’s employment criteria. For example, “The definition of business necessity refers to the legal concept used to justify an employer’s employment criteria that disproportionately affect a group of individuals (BambooHR,n.d,p.1).” An example of a business necessity defense would include a hospital looking for a nurse well this hospital is going to want to verify that this nurse has gone through the correct certification processes to verify that this person can practice as a nurse. Therefore when this hospital put up an add looking for nurses it made the search more narrow because of the criteria that only apply to a certain group of people.

Locate one real life case from a court or other tribunal where a BFOQ argument carried the day–or did not. Summarize the case. Do you agree or not with the decision? Why or why not?

Wilson V. Southwest Airlines

Gregory Wilson wanted to work for American Airlines and had noticed more women were being hired than men. Also Southwest was very open on why they hire women more than men to be flight attendants. Therefore,  Gregory Wilson felt that this was a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Southwest was able to prove that it was BFOQ necessary to hire more females in the airline. 

 In my personal opinion, I don’t think this is BFOQ necessary. I mean the airline was able to prove how it was necessary but all I see is discrimination against sex. The females are just being used to profit the business even more so there’s nothing required out of the female flight attendants then that a male can’t do either.

Locate one real life case where the argument “business necessity” carried the day – or did not.  Summarize the case. Do you agree or not with the decision? Why or why not?


   Johnson Controls did not want women that are pregnant to be working in their battery manufacturing warehouse because of the lead exposure. In fact, eight of the employees that were pregnant while working at this manufacturer had alarming blood lead levels. This business felt that they needed to not have pregnant women work at the warehouse to protect them from lead poisoning while pregnant. This upset some women and it open a case for sex discrimination violation of title seven of the civil rights act of 1964. The court felt that this rule for this business is a business necessity.

 In my opinion, I agree with this court case because this manufacturer was just trying to do the correct thing and protect pregnant women from getting lead poisoning while working on the job. They were also trying to follow OSHA standards as well. I absolutely agree with this court case and that it is a business necessity.


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HRMN 406

1.)Topic 1( Elthon Rivot)

Hello class,

The ADDIE design model which stands for analysis, desgin, development, implementation, and evalutation was developed originally during the 1970s at Florida State Univeristy’s Center for Educational Technology for the U.S. Army and eventually became adopted by all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. One of the attractions of the ADDIE Model is its flexibility; for example, it can be used with both individualized and traditional instruction. In addition, its phases are frequently modified to suit user needs, and it can be used in combination with other models, such as rapid application development (RAD) and the successive approximation model (SAM) (Training Industry, 2023). The Kemp model encourages the designers to take the perspective of the learner so that their needs, priorities, and constraints are taken into consideration as the objectives, course material, and assessments are created and implemented (PennState, n.d.). A weakness of the ADDIE Model is that it’s intended audience is made for the U.S. Armed Forces rather than being easily adapable by all organizations whether military or private sector. While the Kemp Model looks to identify the needs of their populations and ensure the model is relevant and fits what is needed. This method leads to success because if their model doesn’t fit to organization it can never become successful or deliver an intended impact. As a training developer I would prefer the Kemp Model as I can relate the model to the needs of my organizations and make any tweaks needed. With the ADDIE model, it is almost one dimensional and I will be very limited for what I could use it with. 


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2.)Topic 1( Cravenkeo Khamone)

For this weeks discussion, I chose the ADDIE Model and Gagnes Nine Event of Instruction.

The ADDIE model is a very basic model of instruction and has been used by the military and many other leading companies.  Some of the strengths of the model are that it is very basic and easy to follow.   The model is almost self explanatory and when you look back at many problems that have been solved properly, you can see that the ADDIE model steps were used in some fashion. Being able to evaluate and adjust throughout the process is a strength that all model should follow.  Being able to adapt on the fly and not have to go back too far in the process saves time and energy, ultimately getting to the end goal a little quicker.  The main issue with the ADDIE model is the amount of time it takes to fully put together a training program.  

In Gagnes Nine Events of Instruction, I found that it is very easy to follow and actually is a way to garner student attention and interaction throughout the learning process.  Student involvement in their own learning has proven to spark innovation and success in remembering and actually learning the information.  As with the ADDIE model, it does take a long time to produce a plan of action and also may require some previous knowledge of the material and way forward.

Although Gagnes Nine Events of Instruction takes a long time to prepare for instruction, I learn best when instructors use that model and I like to ensure that students are engaged in their own learning.  When you see that lightbulb spark and the students understand the material, it really gives you joy in teaching.  Learners today are thrown so much information that a lot of it goes in and out so quick that they aren’t able to understand fully what to do with the information. This model can be adapted to suit any type of learners strongest way of learning whether visual, verbal, or written.

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