Please read Case 11(C-147) part 4, case studies “Pacific Drilling: The Preferred Offshore Driller” and write a 3 page APA formatted paper.

Please provide at least three (3) peer-reviewed resources from google scholar in support of your arguments. 

Write a summary of the case as introduction of your paper

Why offshore drilling?

  • Offshore drilling typically used three types, what are the three types of offshore drilling?
  • What was the reason for the fall of the company’s stock in 2014? Was the fall of the company’s stock related to the movement of Global Oil prices?
  • Was collaboration with Chevron a wise move for the company?
  • What were the challenges:
  • Competition in the market including the supply of shale oil, 
  • Technological challenges, and 

Dealing with fluctuations in the international oil prices