Let’s look at the assignment brief from your syllabus:

”Co-founders are now at a crossroad, having to determine what Scaling up avenues to pursue – a change in channel strategy or a product extension that will bring them to innovating in new segments? We’ll wear the hat of marketing mentors and consultants to help them decide. ”

Deliverable: write a max 900-words recommendation (word document) for the Away team. Here is how you can structure your recommendation:

1) Situation analysis & insights:

  • Where is THE AWAY today?
  • What are the untapped opportunities that you can identify that they could unlock for further growth?
  • What are exactly the insights that led you to identify these untapped growth drivers?

2) Your recommendation

  • Explain what growth drive you would advise the company to pursue. You can use the 4Ps framework, the ”get…to do….by” or a combination of both
  • You can choose to use charts of graphics to explain your recommendation
  • You can choose to provide a secondary growth driver recommendation

3) Supporting your recommendation

  • Explain why your recommendation would be the best way to incremental growth for Away, considering their specific level of maturity
  • Flash out the Pros and Cons of your recommendation, potential issues to watch out and operational implication (team, manufacturing, regulatory)
  • Lay out what next steps the founding team should practically put in place to pursue this growth driver