Please select two  of the Case Studies below and answer the questions with that case. Respond as if you are a social worker and be sure to address and write case study names as if you were documenting . 

Case Study 3.1: Holly’s Early Arrival

Define risk and protective factors. Identify the risk and protective factors in this case.

What are the potential developmental risks associated with premature birth? How should risk information be used in working with Mrs. Hicks?

In your opinion, how is a risk–protective framework compatible or not compatible with a strengths-based social work approach? In what ways?

Case Study 3.2: Sarah’s Teen Dad 

How does Erikson’s psychosocial model help us understand Sarah’s developmental needs?

  1. Given his developmental tasks, what special challenges might a teen father have in meeting an infant’s developmental needs?
  2. As a social worker working with this family, what other areas would you need to explore in your assessment?
  3. Case Study 3.3: Overprotecting Henry

How can the Velasquez family be supported to maximize Henry’s developmental opportunities and the family’s growth and development?

How does the physical and social environment influence Henry’s opportunities for stage-appropriate psychosocial development?

The culture was not mentioned in this case. Are there important cultural dimensions to explore? Why or why not?