Write an Obituary in 125 to 200 words. Find an example of a real obituary and attach the link to your own submission. When looking for an obituary, it may be hard to decipher between an obituary, written by a reporter (which is what you want) and family/friends (which you don’t want). Be careful of this because the writing will differ from a reporter writing one and a family member. A good rule of thumb is if it is sounds personal and is more detailed in the information about the life of the person, that is a good indicator it was written by a loved one. Here’s (…)a link to a website that posts obituaries by reporters.  I am providing this link so you avoid using an obituary written by a loved one. You want to find one that is written by a reporter. Make sure to use basic MLA format (one-inch margins, 12 point font, double spaced). Check spelling and grammar. Follow the inverted pyramid format. Have a good lead sentence, answering many of the five W’s. Be sure to include the following:

Address or at least hometown. A lot of modern papers are no longer printing addresses because of safety reasons.

Date of death

Cause of death. Most papers differ on this, but I see the trend to be that we do not discuss cause of death unless it is desired by the family. In the case of a homicide or murder, then the story usually transforms from an obituary into a breaking news story.



  • Time and date of services
  • Visitation information
  • Place of burial 
  • Memorial information
  • Names of survivors