QUESTION 1: Explain the differences between Simple Paging and Virtual Memory paging, 

QUESTION 2: What is the difference between a Page and a Frame?
QUESTION 3: Explain the differences between Resident Set Management and Page Replacement Policy.
QUESTION 4:  Do the Memory allocation for the given case using the Buddy System

A 1024 Kbyte (Mbyte) block of memory is already allocated in the computer memory.  Show the results of Buddy System memory allocation of the following sequence (similar to Figure 7.6 . in your textbook)

There are four processes.  And corresponding memory needs.  

Process 1 arrived first and requested 65 K Byte memory space 

Process 2 arrived after process 1 and Requested 135 K Byte memory space 

Process 3 arrived after process 2 Requested 215 K Byte  memory space 

After process 3 allocation is done, Release P1; 

Process 4 arrived and requested 45 K Byte memory space 

After process 3 allocation is done Release Process 2; 

Lastly, Release Process 4.

End of memory allocation

Question 5: Describe a baseline plan? What purpose does it serve once the project team begins to execute the project plan? Also, does it help in mitigating some of the risks?  Please provide specific examples.