Final Essay

For the Week 3 Written Assignment, you will be writing your Final 1000 word essay.  You will continue your process of evaluating and responding to one of the three selected essays (the same essay that you have been working on in weeks 1 and 2)

Review the rubric for this assignment:  Week 3 Rubric Evaluative Essay Week 3 Rubric Evaluative Essay – Alternative Formats

Review a model student submission:  Week 3 Essay Example Week 3 Essay Example – Alternative Formats

You should write on one of the following essays from your Norton Field Guide

  • Our Blind Spot About Guns, Nicholas Kristof, p. 177

Representation of Disney Princesses in the Media, Isabelle Gill, p. 759

Outbreak of the Irrational, Sarah Dzubay, p. 825

First, you will summarize the article, identify the author’s point of view (argument/thesis), describe the author’s approach and writing strategies, assess whether the author’s strategy is effective or not, and provide evidence from the essay to support your point of view. For the evaluative section of the essay, it is recommended you write in 3rd person point of view.

In addition, you will compose a response to the essay, such as an Author’s Response (with you as the author). In your response, you will state your position on the topic and whether you agree with your selected essay’s argument or not. You will conduct research and include one source from the Keiser library that provides additional perspective and supports your position on the topic. You will also address a potential opposing view and respond to it.

  • A conclusion will review the author’s stance and the effectiveness of the essay. It will also restate your thesis and your position on the topic, adding perspective and a final thought for the audience to consider.

Your essay should include the following:

An introduction to the topic and article. A thesis should end your introduction

A summary of your selected essay

A discussion of the author’s purpose or goal and evidence used

A discussion of the author’s writing strategy and why the author may have used this strategy

Your response to the essay and its topic

An introduction of a Keiser University Library source to support your view

  • A discussion of the audience, a possible objection, and your counterargument 
  • A conclusion