Using specific evidence from each of the assigned readings to explain the historical significance of major contributions of Spanish-Mexican settlers residing in the northern frontier of Mexico prior to the region’s annexation to the U.S., focusing on the development of economic, social, and political institutions.  Which of these contributions would you argue proved to be of most lasting importance and why?  

     Make sure to excerpt direct quotations of no more than 1-2 sentences and use also examples and paraphrased passages from the readings to support your arguments and conclusions.  Remember to write 4 full paragraphs (with 5-6 sentences per paragraph) of at least 500 words. 


*** Logistics and additional directions: To submit your paper on this site: Click on the Assignment 1 Paper Submission’ underlined link at this location to open, then scroll down and click on the ‘Write Submission’ tab.  Cut-and-paste the essay text (or directly type it) within the window, and then click on the ‘Submit’ tab at the bottom right.  Do not use attachments, google docs, or other links, and do not post your paper in the ‘Comments’ section beneath that window.  

*     Each paragraph should be concise in order to focus the reader on the themes contained therein.  You can use simple author/page citations when referring to a passage–either through a direct quotation or a paraphrase from the readings.  Do not insert your name or any course information or text at the top of the paper–it is automatically indicated digitally on Blackboard.

*    As you analyze the relevant issues, arguments, and concepts events, remember to revise, edit, and carefully proofread your work prior to submission.  It takes time to thoroughly understand the sources and write a solid analysis incorporating original interpretations.  Therefore, avoid taking shortcuts and allow sufficent time for completing the assignment thoughtfully.  Each of the paragraphs should be concise and focused and contain no fewer and no more than 5-6 sentences.  Imagine writing for a general audience rather than the instructor.  

*      Note that the components of the posted grading rubric are as follows: knowledge of historical content; use and citation of evidence; originality of interpretation; effectiveness of thematic and topical organization; and clarity of writing style.

Assignment #1 readings:
1. Article: C. Wayne Hanselka and D.E. Kilgore, ‘The Nueces River Valley: The Cradle of the Western Livestock Industry,’ Rangelands, (1987): 195-198.   Cradle of the Western Livestock Industry Cradle of the Western Livestock Industry – Alternative Formats

2. Article: Laurena Gauthereau-Bryson and Ana Maria Seglie, ‘Spanish Catholic Missions and Border History,’ The Mexican-American Borderlands Culture and History, Creative Commons, 2012, 1-3.   Spanish Catholic Missions and Border History

Assignment #2:

* Background and General Directions: 

The first part of this discussion board forum requires you to analyze in a 4-full-paragraph initial response (5-6 sentences per paragraph and at least 500 words) the assigned reading by Richard Griswold del Castillo on the history of Mexican Americans, as well as the video-lecture on Native Americans within territories now part of the southwestern region of United States who also had status as ‘territorial minorities.’ Between 80,000-100,000 formerly Mexican inhabitants became U.S. citizens after annexation in the Mexican-American War of 1846-1848, while Indian tribes remained mostly outside of the sphere of U.S. for decades following annexation.

Assignment 2 Discussion Board Question:

What provisions negotiated between the U.S. and Mexico in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo does the author Castillo highlight as most significant for Mexican Americans in the present-day states of Texas, California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado?  Also, according to the video presentation, how has the Treaty affected indigenous peoples such as the Yaqui?  

     Make sure to provide historical examples and introduce direct quotations and paraphrased passages from each source (with page number citations) as evidence for your conclusions.

Assignment #2 readings/ viewings:

1. Article: Richard Griswold Del Castillo, ‘Manifest Destiny: The Mexican-American War and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo,’ Southwest Journal of Law and Trade in the Americas 5 (Spring 1998): 31-43.  Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

2. Video-Lecture: Daniel Vega and Anabel Gaiindo, ‘Between Our Lands: The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and its Effects on the Yaqui People,’ Symposium on the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo: A Living Document 2,’ Arizona State Museum, 2011. (41 min.) Vega and Galindo, Between Our Lands