write a 3000-words essay on one of the following questions or topics.

1. Are worries about media effects just examples of ‘media panics’? Please answer by drawing on Kirsten Drotner’s (1999) understanding of media panics and support your argument by drawing on at least three suitable examples.

2. Are the arguments of Marshall McLuhan and Raymond Williams relevant to the analysis of digital media? Which of the two do you find most persuasive in explaining the role digital media play in contemporary societies?

3. How are the media involved in the formation of social and political trust?

4. ‘You can be whoever you want to be. You can completely redefine yourself if you want’ (quoted in Turkel, 1996: 184) To what extent do you agree with the idea that digital media allow individuals to actively construct their own biographies, thereby challenging traditional social categories such as gender, class, race etc.?   

5. Do modern media encourage a decline of tradition? Discuss by using specific examples of traditions that have been either suppressed or reinforced because of modern media.

6. Was the COVID-19 pandemic a media event? Discuss with reference to different theories and types of media events.  

7. Has the rise of global media led to a decline of national identities and cultures?……