1. Explain how planning and conducting business research for reports impacts your credibility.
  2. Create research objectives that are specific and achievable.
  3. Explain principles of effective design for survey questions and choices.
  4. Develop charts and tables to concisely display data and accentuate key messages.
  5. Evaluate the usefulness of data sources for business research.
  6. Conduct secondary research to address a business problem.
  7. Evaluate research data, charts, and tables for fairness and effectiveness.

9.2 Action Required:

  • Chapter 12 in BUSINESS COMMUNICATION: Developing Leaders for a Networked World, Peter Cardon, 4th Edition  McGraw-Hill Education
  • Watch the short videos at the following links:

[Updated] Primary & Secondary Research – An Introduction – YouTube

9.3 Test your Knowledge (Question):

  • In chapter 12, you learn about surveys. Create a sample survey following the principles of creating an effective survey.