After viewing this 43-minute video, please respond to these questions.


1. Dr. Kligman ran experiments on humans who were in prison. Discuss in detail one of the ethical principles from the textbook relevant to this situation.

2. This is a one-sided, biased story of abuse, moral indifference, and greed. There is always the other side. As a nurse who understands the parts of a research study and the related research ethics, what further information would you like to know to make an impartial and fair-minded decision about this ethical situation?

3. When researching human subjects, there are always risks and benefits. Can you imagine a time when your family member might choose to take part in an experimental treatment for which the risks/benefits are not unknown yourself into that person’s shoes and describe your feelings in one paragraph?  

4. In your opinion, should prisoners now be allowed to become research subjects while in prison? A) Why, and B) why not? (Fully discuss both aspects.)

To reference this video in your writing use:

Hornblum, A. M., & Holmes, G. J. (Producers and Directors). (2004). Acres of skin: Medical abuse behind bars [Motionpicture]. United States: Films Media Group.