Please answer the following the tasks in sepseate documents 

DISCUSS: Business Analytics in Practice

Business Analytics in Practice:

Part I:

Analytics has been applied in virtually all sectors of business and government as well as applicable to your personal life. Refer to our in-class discussion, posted readings as well as reading the “Analytics in Practice” sections in chapter 1, please choose a specific company or industry to research use of analytics. In particular, discuss how analytics are used or should be used by your company/industry of choice. Has the use of analytics made a difference? If yes, where? If no, why not? What, if anything, would you recommend?

Your report should be about 2-3 paragraphs (150 – 200 words).

Part II:

Choose 2 submissions made by your classmates. Comment on the submission and provide feedback. Your feedback should provide constructive criticism as necessary but always maintain positive professional language.



Based on Evans (2020) end-of-chapter exercises, complete the following problem:

Chapter 2 #11

When completing this assignment, be sure to: 

Complete the analysis using Excel, placing all your work in one workbook file.

If multiple sheets are used, label each sheet as appropriate.