1. Complete all six (6) assessments (each on its own tab if you use Google Sheets) provided in the file attached.
  2. After completing all of these assessments, answer the following four (4) questions with responses of approximately 50 words per question (200-word response in total) in a separate Word document (also to be uploaded). (These questions are included in the linked Baseline Stress Assessments Word document. You only need to make a separate document if you choose to submit the downloaded version of the Google Sheets option for completion to expedite calculating total scores. If you make a separate document, be sure to number the responses to correspond with the questions.)
    1. What do these assessments indicate about your current levels of stress?
    2. Do you feel like your “stress profile” accurately represents your current stress levels? Why or why not?
    3. Did you discover anything new about your stress levels through completing these assessments? If yes, what? If not, how do you feel you came to be aware of this information already?
    4. Did the results from these assessments differ in terms of how they scored your stress levels? Even if your scores were in agreement, how would you explain differences that could occur among these assessments when attempting to measure someone’s stress levels? (Think critically about what these assessments are actually measuring by considering the questions, scales, time periods for assessment, etc. carefully.)