College level 450 words minimum writing discussion. Be concise, thoughtful, and respectful. Straightforward means 450 words. Identify the main ideas of each reading. Write it in a two-paragraph format. The first paragraph should be regarding the summaries of the readings altogether, and the second paragraph should consist of a thoughtful reflection with two expansive questions that can be asked regarding the topics discussed, which would require further investigation. Please put the two questions you formulate onto the bottom of the page in its section after the two paragraphs. No plagiarism will be tolerated; I will ensure that a paper with the slightest bit of plagiarism will be refunded, which would waste our time. Please also use college-level writing; this discussion requires complex sentences and advanced vocabulary words. I will also need a brief explanation of each question, containing the reasoning of questioning, ways to expand on the question, and possible answers. Please also summarize each reading in a short paragraph, highlighting the key features of the sections. There are 3 readings, here they are (2 are attached, the most important one is in this file; this is the primary focus of the discussion, but be sure to include summaries and reflections about the other two as well.