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Assignment Details

The need for estimating future results could be recognized in many segments of people’s lives. Some examples could be seen in the following questions:

  • How effective will a COVID-19 vaccine be?

Is it going to rain tomorrow?

Will the value of my 401K increase or decrease in the next 3 months?

  • These situations discuss the probability of an uncertain event. Statistics will help you advance from guessing to forecasting (educated guessing) by using data and calculating probabilities.

Discuss how likely it is that 70% of students will pass this course with a B or an A. Then, consider the following questions:

Would you look at data showing the success rate of previous courses?

Would you check whether the current GPA of students in your class is high or low?

What other data would you like to have before you determine the probability of 70% of students passing this course with a B or an A?

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