Write a short pamphlet that defends and advances medicine from either the “irregular” (hydropathic/water-cure, homeopathic, Thomsonian, female midwife, or other “alternative”) point of view, or the “regular”/”orthodox” (credentialed doctor) point of view. Your “pamphlet” should include at least one specific medicine and/or treatment. Think about how either the alternative practitioner or the regular physician would defend themselves and attack the other group’s practices. Must use the attached sources. 

Each initial post should be including the following three parts: 

  • A Question prompted by the readings; this might be a discussion question for the class or a question about something you did not fully understand. Here, you should reference at least one specific part of the reading that has sparked this question. You can include a direct quote or a paraphrase, and the quote or paraphrase should be cited with the author’s name and page number.
  • A Comment on how some of the ideas presented in the readings has impacted your understanding of ______. Here, you should describe the specific part(s) of the readings that changed your perspective, introduced an idea that was new to you, or challenged what you had previously thought.
  • A Connection to something else we’ve been exploring or discussing in our class or a specific part of your life/experiences (academic, professional, or personal).