The first step before beginning a study is to become familiar with the topic under study. To that
end, please prepare a brief literature review of the impact of screentime on child
health/developmental outcomes. This is intended to provide a basic understanding, not to be
exhaustive. Expected length would be about 4-6 pages. Please be sure to have access to your
assignment during next week’s class as we will be reviewing your findings in class. Although
two other students will be working on the same age group, this is an individual assignment.

You should include what you think would provide a basic background in understanding this area
in general and specifically for your assigned age group below. However, at minimum, you
should be sure to include:

a) Definition of screentime;
b) Prevalence of screentime overall, trends over time and prevalence for your assigned age
c) Prevalence of any disparities in screentime use (for your age group);
d) Impact of screentime use on child/health/development outcomes (for your age group);
e) Impact of parent use of screentime on child health/developmental outcomes (for your
age group);
f) Recommendations for addressing screentime use by children in your age group.

For each of the studies that examine the relationship between screentime use and child
health/development outcomes that you cite, please complete the attached table. This table is
intended to give us a good idea as to what has already been done and where potential gaps are
in the literature.

My age group: (6-11) years