Discuss the legal and ethical implications. Include CAMFT ethics codes, APA principles, and California law to do this discussion:

1. Group A

Sandra Bruff works as a counselor at an employee assistance provider. After several sessions, Jane informed her that she was a lesbian and wanted to explore her relationship with her partner. Bruff refused on the basis of her religious beliefs but offered to counsel her on other areas. Jane discontinued counseling, and her employer filed a complaint with Bruff’s agency. 

2. Group B

Reggie comes to see Savannah to help ameliorate his guilt over having several affairs. Though he mostly blames his wife, he feels guilty for cheating on her. After a few sessions, Savannah suggests he consider couples therapy because much of the content of his sessions has had to do with his relationship with his wife. He refuses this referral. Savannah then tells him that she cannot, in good conscience, continue to see him because his behavior bothers her and she sees no way to help him if he continues having affairs. She suggests that he seek another therapist and offers him three referrals.