This Is Sports  leadership class and i have this discussion board that i need help with :

They don’t make plans; they don’t solve problems; they don’t even organize people. What leaders really do is prepare organizations for change and help them cope as they struggle through it.” — John Kotter from What Leaders Really Do

As you read the posted HBP case study (and be sure to look at the exhibits starting on page 12) about the Tampa Bay Lightning and owner Jeff Vinik, you can see that the organization began to change upon his taking ownership in 2010. In your reading for this week, “What Leaders Really Do,” there is a focus on the difference between leadership and management. As we apply this to the sports industry, and specifically look at the Tampa Bay Lightning under Vinik’s ownership, there are several important takeaways from the reading and John Kotter’s principles. 

For this assignment, consider the questions below and then using both the Vinik/Tampa Bay Lightning case and the Kotter reading, answer the questions below.

The suggested format is for you to copy/paste the question (using bold type) and then complete your answer below it. Your total word count should not exceed 800-1000 words; posts of up to 200-250 words per question will be sufficient. 

Per Kotter, since the function of leadership is to produce change, setting the direction of that change is fundamental to leadership. How did Vinik set the direction that produced change for the franchise upon taking control as the owner of the Lightning in 2010?

When Vinik purchased the Lightning, the team had approximately 4,000 full-season ticket sales. Describe what has happened to season ticket sales over the period 2011-2017. To what can this be attributed? Please cite specific examples in the case and from anything you know about the NHL.

Kotter refers to the term alignment (aligning people) in regard to leaders. This question has two parts:                                             

A. Explain what Kotter means by alignment versus what he describes as the alternative.                                                                    

B. How did Vinik “align” his hockey franchise with the community and what were some of those outcomes? Use at least one example from the reading. 

Finally, from the Tampa Bay Lightning case, explain the progress in the team’s financial performance (over time) and what are the most important/essential factors (drivers of revenue) for an NHL team and why?