Critical Thinking Assignment Formative Assessmet – City Governance

Formative Assessment:  Complete step one in preparation for the finished assignment.

Purpose:  the purpose of this assignment includes the following:

•To research and describe the three most common basic forms of municipal government in Texas.

•To demonstrate critical thinking skills by stating a position and defending it with evidence.

•To develop skills of argumentation that will help you write persuasively in the future.

Your City Governance/Critical Thinking Assignment will require you to submit a typed essay evaluating which arrangement of city government is the most preferable.

For this exercise, you will begin arguing in favor of one of the following arrangements for the execution of city governmental functions:

•A strong mayor elected at-large with the power to make executive decisions over all city departments; you do not need to discuss a weak mayor system

•Acity manager appointed by an elected council, the manager having the power to make executive decisions over all city departments

•An elected commission of five (5) members, each having the power to make executive decisions within a single city department

There is outside help available for this assignment.  Library staff have created a guide to assist you in this process.  You can access the guide specific to this common assignment here:  GOVT 2306: Common Assignment LibGuide

Step One:  Explanation of issues:First, define each of the three executive structures and describe how each one is different from the other two, and describe what essential executive functions (via the city’s major departments and services) each would control and deliver at the municipal level.  Use a compare and contrast format to accomplish this.