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Using the Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2022how many people were incarcerated in jails versus prisons in 2021? Using that same resource, explain the difference between prisons and jails.

Drawing from the Pollock reading:

  • Compare and contrast the retributive and utilitarian rationales for punishment.
  • How do these rationales differ from the restorative justice rationale?
  • Which of these rationales seem to support the explanation for the increased use of incarceration (e.g. the causes of mass incarceration and reentry, which were discussed in the Mears and Cochran chapter).
  • Finally, providing examples to explain your point, identify and discuss the rationale(s) that most resonates with your philosophy behind punishment.
  • The Tedtalk bout the history of prisons explores the continued use of prisons as punishment. Based on the presentation, why do you think prisons continue to be used when there has been little evidence of their effectiveness in addressing crime?