First, make sure you have read “The Outcast at the Gate” (Gee, 2015) Download “The Outcast at the Gate” (Gee, 2015). In Richard’s story, imagine you are the member of the Circles of Support and Accountability (COSA) who is a social worker. Wearing your social worker hat, consider Richard’s background, his experience during the reintegration process both in and outside of the COSA, and the COSA process overall.

Write a 4 page reflection paper that addresses the following:

  • Personal and Professional Values: What personal values and opinions arise for you? What professional values (with specific references from the NASW Code of Ethics are relevant to Richard’s case? In working with Richard, how could these personal and professional values conflict? What could you do to prevent/address these potential conflicts?
  • Social Work Values: In considering the COSA practice, in what ways does it seem to align with social work values? In what ways does the COSA practice seem to contradict social work values? In your opinion, can the COSA be an effective intervention with individuals who have been convicted of sexual offenses?
  • Societal Values: What societal values and practices/laws are most at play in Richard’s story? What social justice issues may be at risk? In what ways could you address these issues as a social worker?