Based on your understanding, what is the most important word in this short story? Defend your choice.

How to present my essay:

  • Be sure to separate each paragraph with at least one space and a designation such as [INTRO] or [PARA 1].
  • Short story titles are put in quotation marks; book titles are italicized.
  • Cite text from the story by referencing the line numbers of the quote. Use this format:
    • “…. I do not like green eggs and ham” (5-6)
    • What are some writing tips to achieve success?
    • Introduction: Identify the topic of your paper, i.e., what your paper is about.
    • Thesis: Position the word you choose as the most important word in the essay.
    • Body: Present a separate point in each of your two body paragraphs to explain why the word is important.
    • Conclusion: Reinforce your thesis, recap your argument, and leave the reader with a profound thought or question.