Step 1: Find a piece of art (public art is great as it is free!). The art can be two or three – dimensional.

Step 2: Record yourself talking about the art. Discuss what is so special about the piece to you. In addition, you must provide a visual analysis utilizing the Principles of Design and Elements of Art. Be sure to discuss the medium/material of the artwork. Use terminology that applies to the type of artwork you have chosen. It highly advisable that you research some terms. If you are able to provide some information about the artist, do so. Don’t forget to tell me where the artwork is located. Also, be sure to include good shots of the artwork that you are discussing.

Remember that this is not a grade school style book report. Avoid making this entirely about where the artist was born, who they married, the name of their dog or cat, etc. In addition, avoid plagiarizing art historical information. If you are using anyone else’s words, YOU MUST CITE THE SOURCE. So in the case of this presentation, you must say “according to so and so, they said that this portrait’s colours represent the anguish the artist felt towards the relationship with the person depicted on the canvas.” Things look/sound suspicious when all of the sudden you become posh art historians. Cite your sources.

(note: don’t worry about the video part or taking a picture if the art. I will provide you with the art below, and I just want you to right me a paragraph talking about it as instructed above. then I will record the video myself. the video have too be 45 seconds to 1 minute, so don’t right a lot just enough.)

this art work attached is found in (Leonardo da Vinci museum In rome)