As a reminder, the primary focus of this Capstone course is the creation of a Capstone Project. Here are the project details:

A comprehensive treatment of one selected doctrine (i.e., one of the doctrines studied over the course of your program)

Composed according to Turabian style/format

  • Three significant sections (plus an appropriate introduction and conclusion):
  • Systematic treatment of the doctrine (covering all the bases according to a systematic theology approach)
  • Historical treatment of the doctrine (answering the question, What are the historical antecedents and contours of the development of this doctrine?)

Application treatment of the doctrine (choosing an appropriate domain of application for this doctrine: apologetic, ethical, aesthetic, or formational—as in spiritual formation)

  1. Milestone submissions will be due each session.

By submitting significant portions of your projects each week of this course, you will be able to keep a good pace in completing the work and devote sufficient time to completing the project. For example, you will buy yourself significant time to reflect and polish, crafting a good, thick project which not only satisfies the assignment requirements but of which you will be proud.

  1. As you complete each successive portion, you may revise or even rewrite previously submitted portions. You are not locked in to previous versions of submitted portions if you see the need to change them as your project progresses.

This week’s submission:

  1. Historical analysis – Finish up any of the historical analyses.

Application approach – This section develops the doctrine along your chosen approach to application. The choice should be one that makes most sense for both the doctrine’s content and your interests. Your options are (a) apologetic, (b) ethical, (c) aesthetic, or (d) formational.