Demographic Categories. Use the ADDRESSING model to identify your background
and identity. Comment on which of those categories you would use when describing
yourself, i.e., what factors play a role in your identity. What additional events or
experiences shaped your identity or life experiences, i.e., sexual assault survivor,
child of a parent who has addiction, sibling of a child with a disability, etc. Please
know that none of this information is shared with anyone.

) Attitudes, Values, & Beliefs. What are your major attitudes, values, and beliefs that
drive your life goals, daily living, and worldview? Where did you learn these, i.e.
from what life events or culture teachers?

3) Biases. What negative biases do you know that you have about other groups of
people? What events, experiences, or people impacted these biases? For this section,
you must also take two tests at:,
include the screenshots of the findings, and discuss the findings in terms of your own
biases, as well as your reactions to those results.

4) Multicultural Goals. End the paper with what you hope to develop, experience or
learn from this course.