Science and health content are essential at all grade levels. The importance of science and health initiatives extend past the walls of the school and should be promoted by the students and families in their homes. This begins with an understanding of the standards and how they are being taught and supported in the classroom.

Create a 10-12 digital slide presentation to be presented to students’ families. Include the following:

Welcome slide outlining the session objectives based on where the presentation will be held (i.e., welcome night, curriculum night, open house).

An overview of the Next Generation Science Standards.

  • A comparison of your state’s adopted science standards to the Next Generation Science standards to promote mastery of learning for all students in the inclusive classroom. If your state has adopted the NGSS, discuss when the adoption took place and a short comparison to the previously adopted standards.
  • An overview of your state’s adopted health standards.
  • Describe two potential science projects that integrate health and could take place throughout the school year. Discuss how students’ strengths and weaknesses will be considered to allow equal access for all and how each lesson will provide an opportunity for students to practice skills that contribute to good health.
  • Next Generation Science Standards and learning objectives to be used for each project. 
  • Identify ways that the projects can be differentiated to support students with disabilities, ELL, gifted, early finishers, and students with 504 Plans.
  • Share examples of how families can promote science and health standards at home to help create a mutually respectful learning environment.
  • Title slide, presenter’s notes, and reference slide.
  • The digital presentation should include graphics that are relevant to the content, visually appealing, and use space appropriately.
  • Support your digital presentation with a minimum of two scholarly resources.